MEKS – An Enhanced Facebook-like Social Network for iPhone

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Social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest or Google Plus are getting hundreds of millions of new followers every year, thus proving that people are now interested in online socializing more than ever. However, even with their latest additions some of their mobile applications feel cumbersome to use, especially when it comes to interacting with others. But MEKS, a new social network designed specifically for iOS users (as of now) aims to solve this problem. MEKS simplifies and enhances everything, from the process of interacting with others to chatting with your favorite friends.

How To Record iOS Screen No Jailbreak Needed September 2014 [Video]

record iOS screen

Recording Display screen on iPhone, iPad, iPod running firmware iOS 7 or later. Theres a few different methods users can choose. I am going to share three different ways to Record your screen without the need of a jailbreak. That isa correct, these two methods Do NOT Require a Jailbreak.

ShadowPain – An Action Game You Won’t Like To Miss


The ShadowPain App is a new game for IOS by godhammer. It is an adventure game with cool features that enable players play various randomized levels in every trial. The game features fighting patterns with unpredictable enemy encounters that surprise players with engaging battles against knights, skeletons and bosses that stand along the way. The […]

Best iPhone 5 Wallet Case 2014

Dock Artisan iPhone 5 Wallet Case

We all enjoy carrying our iPhones today.  Well now its possible to do so and carry all your wallet with it.  Many companies are developing cases called the Wallet case.  I must admit this is my favorite style sase to date.  I have been carrying the BookBook by Twelve South since it debuted.  Anyway, we have put together a video showing our favorite wallet cases.

BestGear Power Bank Mobile Charger Review

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The 30K mAh Power Bank comes equipped with a flashlight on one end for finding those connections in the dark. The iPhone 4S has a 1900 mAh battery inside which powers the idevice. This gives the power bank 10-15 full charges before needing a charge. However, I have learned that if you just leave the power bank in the light while charging or nor it hardly ever runs out of power unless you charge the iPad 4 devices and other devices before charging it back up.

Spiritual Bliss Magazine App Promoting Healthy Spiritual Life

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In today’s busy world, it’s important to retain spiritual balance to help you in moving forward. Having a spiritual magazine right on your iPad will be helpful in keeping this balance daily. Spiritual Bliss Magazine is a well-known digital spiritual and meditation magazine you can get for your device. Concept The concept behind this magazine […]

Best 10 Free iOS 7.1-7.1.2 Pangu JailBreak Tweaks

Tweak Wall Roundup

We are back again with the Best 10 Free iOS 7.1-7.1.2 Pangu JailBreak Tweaks. Here we will be showcasing you the list of the best 10 free tweaks for iOS 7.1/7.1.2. Recently this week the chinese jailbreak group “Pangu” caught us by surprise by releasing a jailbreak tool for iOS 7.1.2 which other jailbreak group community announce to skip such iOS firmware. The list to be displayed are free tweaks which we considered to make improve the performance and usage of your iDevice. Please note the number rankings used are for the sake of clarity and not measured based on any unit.

Top 5 iOS Traveling Apps June 2014

top 5 traveling apps

With summer finally here, tourists will be hitting their holidays whether it be abroad or domestic, killing time on the journey will be key. When going away, it is important to know what is going on and where you can enjoy the culture to its fullest.

Flashback – A Photo and Video App Powerhouse


One of the biggest revolutions in everyday life that came with the process of miniaturization was the insertion of a camera into the ordinary mobile phone. Two decades ago, it was almost unthinkable to imagine a solution for providing photos and videos that did not include a clumsy device like a Polaroid camera or a heavy camcorder. Now, every smartphone includes both of these devices in its internal design and producing photos or videos was never easier.

Downgrade From iOS 8 Beta to iOS 7.1.1

Downgrade From iOS 8 Beta to iOS 7.1.1

5 days back, Apple held WWDC session with developers. I should say, I was held back by the new features of iOS 8 and OS X 10.10. Some features were very new and handy but yet not to perfect. Apple has announced that it will release the beta version the same day for all the developers, a public release of beta during the summer and then will release bug-less iOS 8 in fall.

Martian Passport Smart Watch Review: Get Notifications and Make Calls Bluetooth Connectivity

Martian Passport SmartWatch

Martian Passport Smart Watch are one of the top smart watches on the market at this time. They are one of very few which shows the notification on the watch. The display will show who is calling and the number as well as the text message and sender. These are features that make a smart watch “Smart” in my opinion. There have been several companies attempt to create smart watches but they only notify when the call comes through or the text.

#Cogito Pop #SmartWatch Review [Video]: Forget Chargers and Tangled Cords

Cogito pop SmartWatch

Cogito Pop SmartWatch combines technology and design for mobile users. The Cogito Pop Watch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It connects using bluetooth technology for alerting the user when new emails, text, phone calls, and more are present. Forget keeping up with chargers and tangled cords. The Cogito Watch will run for one full year without needing a battery replacement.

Qustodio Safe Browser – The Perfect App for Parents

qustodio browser app

Having appropriate parental control over the Internet is very difficult and complex. You can either tamper with your operating system’s host file or fiddle with the browser’s extensions. If you’re a tech expert, you can even use a filtering software to make sure your kid is not exposed to malicious content on the Internet.

myGolfstats + GPS – The Best Sports App in its Category

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This amazing iPhone app, myGolfstats could just be the ultimate perfect gift for all golf lovers and players. It provides real stats that the professionals get, and it’s very easy to use. Even though it’s free to download, you’ll have to pay annually to get the best out of it.

OLX Mobile App Review: Online Classified Services

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 11.51.40 AM

OLX App for mobile offers users an online classified for buying and selling items. Users can find whatever they are looking for by typing their items name in the search bar at the top of the screen. The first step in using the OLX app is to create an account. This will allow users to use the mobile app and the online classified section on

MyBloc Social App Review: You’ll be Shocked At How It Brings All Your Social Channels Into One Place

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By now, everybody is on social media. It’s very difficult to find someone who does not own a Facebook or a twitter account, unless they’ve been hiding somewhere in a bush for the last 7 years. With the inception of smartphones into the world of mobile telephony, lots of people are acquiring ‘techy’ gadgets with the sole intent to stay in touch with family and friends on social media. If you’re left behind, that’s really up to you.

Moka i6 iPhone Charger


The Moka i6 offers the best charging power of it’s kind,  What makes this charger different from others is the ability to charge two USB device simultaneously with a built in flash light.  This means almost any mobile device can charge using this device not just the iPhone.

Divoom Bluetune Bluetooth Speaker Review

divoom speakers color

The Divoom Bluetune-Bean Bluetooth speaker offers users wireless connection to their mobile device.  It’s very small and can be carried in a backpack or purse.  However, don’t let the size fool you.  This little guy can rock out and offers great sound quality as well as portability.

Logitech C920 Webcam Review

logitech c920

The Logitech C920 Webcam offers great HD quality video for any situation and needs for only $99. Users can attach the webcam to both Mac or PC machines for professional quality video creations. One of the best features of the C920 Webcam is the H264 video compression which is created inside the camera itself.

Conojo Whiteboard: iPad App for Drawing and Seamless Collaboration

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 3.40.09 PM

Countless apps designed for sketching and arts are available online. However, Conojo Whiteboard served something new with its offered feature. Its characteristics are not limited to drawing; it also promotes a remarkable way of collaborating in between users.