The Best Energy Saving iOS 8 Apps 2015

best ios apps

In the modern age, there is a huge drive to reduce energy consumption and create a more efficient, Eco-friendly home. There remains a considerable gap between theory and practical application, however, which means that not everyone understands how to use less energy and lower their carbon emissions. To understand this, we need to look at […]

Top 3 New Games for Your iPhone

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The mobile platform has introduced us to a whole new kind of gaming experience. We are no longer required to be hooked to large screen televisions with bulky gaming consoles. A few years back it was impossible to think of playing a game without a joystick or a keyboard. But today we touch, turn and […]

The iPhone 6S: What should Consumers Expect?

Apple iPhone 6S

Although it is barely six months since the ground-breaking iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus took the smartphone market by storm, Apple is already planning a new range of products and innovations for 2015. This has been seized upon by consumers, who are particularly interested in the prospect of an iPhone 6S launch in autumn […]

Use iPhones From Past Due Accounts On StraightTalk Services Only $45 Monthly

Straight Talk iPhone 6

Most people are still under the impression that Cell Providers can still make phones unusable on non-paid accounts.  That’s no longer true.  I’m happy to share great news with you guys. It’s now possible to transfer your iPhone 6 to StraightTalk Services even if your previous accounts are not current. Obama signed a new bill […]

How to View In-Depth Battery Usage


iOS has always been about simplicity and ease of use.  In the battery department, that meant showing or hiding the battery percentage.  In iOS 8, Apple added a feature to show you which apps are draining your battery the most.  This is cool, but what if you wanted to know what times you’re draining your […]

Let’s Fold: A Virtual Origami Game For iOS

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Let’s Fold – Origami Puzzle Game is an iOS game which enables users to practice the art of Origami on any recent Apple device. There are currently over 15 levels available to be tried out, with more being expected in future updates. The game is relatively easy to play yet challenging by nature, players being […]

MEKS – An Enhanced Facebook-like Social Network for iPhone

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Social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest or Google Plus are getting hundreds of millions of new followers every year, thus proving that people are now interested in online socializing more than ever. However, even with their latest additions some of their mobile applications feel cumbersome to use, especially when it comes to interacting with others. But MEKS, a new social network designed specifically for iOS users (as of now) aims to solve this problem. MEKS simplifies and enhances everything, from the process of interacting with others to chatting with your favorite friends.