PushNotify: Lets You Push iOS Notification To Your Mac


PushNotify is a simple tweak that lets you to forward any iOS notification from your iDevices to your Mac. It does by using your wi-fi network and pops up a message on the top right hand corner of your screen.   Ever wanted to have an application or tweak that can forward any notification on […]

HUDE Cydia Tweak: You Can Now Customize Your Volume HUD


HUDE is another tweak that allows you to customize the Volume HUD. Unlike HUD Customizer, HUDE tweak displays the song information on the Volume HUD. HUDE aims to increase the content appeal and functionality of the volume HUD especially when you are listening to a music. HUDE short for HUD Enhancer allows you to choose […]

Articon Cydia Tweak: Displays Song’s Artwork On Music Application Icon


If you listen to a lot of music on your iDevice, Articon is a very simple tweak that can spice up the music icons. When you are listening to a song, the music application icon will be replaced with the song’s artwork. Articon is a tweak that adds s simple element to your iOS 7 […]

How To Send and Receive Songs, Photos, or Any File via Bluetooth on iPhone and iPad [Jailbreak]


One of the major arguments put forward by other-OS  users against iPhone and iPad is that iOS doesn’t support sharing files via Bluetooth. And for many existing iOS users too, this is a major left out and I assume you’re one of them craving for a solution. You’d be glad to know that once jailbroken, […]

iScreenShot: Now You Can Share Your Screenshot Instantly


iScreenShot is a tweak that allows you to quickly share your screen shots. Recently we have seen tweaks being developed with the goal of making it easier to share your screenshot like ScreenShotShare, ScreenshotShareSheet, and many more tweaks but however all of the tweaks seems to have different functionality. Until now, there is no need […]

Auxo 2: One Of The Best App Switcher Tweak

Auxo 2

  The most expected “Auxo 2″ App Switcher tweak for iOS 7 has finally been launched and released on Cydia. Thanks to the A3tweaks developer for such an exciting and amazing tweak of all time. Without doubt Auxo 2 has polished the stock iOS 7 App Switcher adding some refinements and features that has significantly […]

SafeHouse Pro: Disables Lock Code On Certain WiFi/Bluetooth Network

SafeHouse Pro

SafeHouse Pro is an amazing tweak that helps you to bypass your lock screen in certain circumstances. Sometimes when you are working in your office or home using or connected to your wifi; as soon as you stop working on your iDevices for 2 minutes or more, you will be greeted with the lock screen. […]

Volume Mixer: Different Volume Sliders In Notification Center

Volume Mixer

Sometimes it is confusing when you adjust the volume using the volume control. You think you have turned down the volume for the music but in fact you have done that for the ringer and not for the music. When music is played, it plays at full volume. The same happens for ringer. This tweak however gives you the ability to adjust the volume of multiple audio outputs and therefore will display multiple volume sliders in the Notification Center.

AnyDrop Cydia Tweak: Send Anything With AirDrop


AnyDrop adds an extra feature to the Airdrop sharing capability. As everyone are familiar with airdrop, users can share very limited files with others such as picture,videos and contacts. Sending music is strictly prohibited and can’t send specific files extension. However AnyDrop allow you send more files which also supports additional file formats which weren’t supported by the stock Airdrop.

ProWidgets: New Way Of Multitasking On Your iOS 7 Device


ProWidget is a brand new tweak created from scratch up and has recently hit the Cydia in which it allows you to use, minimize or close certain apps via widgets and at the same time work on your device without the certain apps interrupting your work. Multitasking is a pain as you have to double click the home button to bring up the app switcher and then launch or close a certain app and then go back to home screen and launch a new app. This tweak makes it very simple and easy to use.

ClassicLockScreen: Brings The iOS 6 Lock Screen To iOS 7


To those who really enjoyed the iOS 6 lock screen and miss it, well here is the good news. ClassicLockScreen brings back the iOS 6 Lock Screen concept on iOS 7. You can see the changes in the picture below:

BetterLS: You Can Now Configure Your Lock Screen


With other Lock Screen tweaks on board, this tweak is an extra addition in which it allows you to completely modify the looks of your Lock Screen. If you are looking for a way to simplify your Lock Screen or want some features to show and some not then this tweak “BetterLS” can help you out.

SlideWeather: Replace The Unlock Slider Text With Weather Information


Ever wanted to check your weather information without unlocking your device, or simply like the idea of the weather information to be displayed automatically on the slider text without occupying most of your lock screen wallpaper and the clock, then you should definitely try out this tweak. This tweak simply replace the slider text with the weather information.

Polus: Allows You To Add More Apps Shortcut In The Control Center


The control center has got 4 apps shortcut. These shortcuts are Flashlight, Clock, Calculator and Camera respectively. There is no way to configure these app shortcuts in the stock Settings. The tweak “Polus” bypass this limitation imposed by iOS and gives you the ability to add any app shortcut you desire in the control center.

TwitkaFly: Adds Twitter Quick Reply And Compose To Notification Center


This amazing tweak has finally been updated to support the new iOS 7. You may have heard it before or might even have used it. Those who have no idea what this tweak does, this tweak adds a quick reply and compose for twitter right in your notification center. An additional feature to this is that you can add an activator gesture to quick reply for your twitter.

Rain Lock: Add Animation To Your Lock Screen


This tweak is really amazing as it adds an animation to your lockscreen. It doesn’t add a rain animation but rather a digital rain that consist of one’s and zero’s or those icons in Matrix movie. These animation are very similar to that of the Matrix movies(I hope you know what is it) that has […]

IntelliScreenX 7: Changing Your Notification Center And LockScreen


I’ve got a good and bad news for you folks. The good news is that the long awaited tweak IntelliScreenX has finally been updated to support iOS 7 interface and the ARM64 bit processor. Those of you who previously owned this tweak know how it works and what it does and those who are knew to this tweak, well they need to keep reading and find out the awesome features it offers.

TouchBar: Add Toggles To Status Bar


This tweak provides you with the capability to add toggles to the status bar and easily turn on or off the corresponding features on the status bar. Once installed, tapping on the status bar data/WiFi indicator toggles wi-fi on or off, tapping on the signal bar will toggle airplane mode on or off, tapping on the clock will open the alarm clock application, and the last feature but not the least is tapping on the battery percentage and it gives additional information related to battery.

Gestr: Assign Hand-Drawn Gestures As Application Shortcut


Another alternative to the stock app switcher is Gestr tweak. Instead of double clicking your home button and select an app, you can assign gestures to any app you want as a shortcut. Once you perform a gesture for a particular app anywhere on the iOS, that app will open up accordingly.

ColorY0urBoard: Give Your Keyboard A Sense Of Color


Looking for a way to customize that boring stock keyboard color within your iOS, ColorYourBoard can change the colors for you. Its an application that solely helps you to change the color of the keyboard to anything you like. The app includes features like color wheel , something you can find in image editing applications, select your brightness and transparency colors as well.