Which SIM-Only Services Are Best for Your iPhone 6?


If you’re in the market for a new mobile phone, then you have probably at least considered whether the new Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus would be right for you.  Even though there is a lot of great marketing behind the product and plenty of features to enjoy, not everybody needs the latest […]

How to Prepare your Devices for iOS 8

iOS 8 downgrade

Most Apple users are getting pretty excited about the new upcoming release of iOS 8. Apple will be releasing iOS 8 September 17, 2014. That’s only a couple days away so what can we do to help teach users how to prepare your devices for iOS 8.

How To Downgrade From iOS 8 to 7.1.2 Then Rejailbreak

pangu jailbreak iOS 7.1-7.1.2

A simple tutorial on how to downgrade from iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2. Optionally, this tutorial will show you how to jailbreak Apple’s latest and greatest public iOS version, iOS 7.1.2.

How To Record iOS Screen No Jailbreak Needed September 2014 [Video]

record iOS screen

Recording Display screen on iPhone, iPad, iPod running firmware iOS 7 or later. Theres a few different methods users can choose. I am going to share three different ways to Record your screen without the need of a jailbreak. That isa correct, these two methods Do NOT Require a Jailbreak.

How To Enter Safe Mode on iOS Device iPhone iPod iPad

iPhone Safe Mode

We have all experienced a broken Cydia Tweak that causes our iOS device to go into a continuous loop. If you have been jailbreaking long at all you know what I’m referring too. It’s not your device causing the problem it’s two tweaks conflicting with one another or a tweak not compatible with your iOS version.

How To Fix Water Damaged iPhone

iPhone water damage repair

We are all guilty of using our devices around water whether it be a pool, beach, or toilet. At some point you have put your iPhone at risk while using it is my best guess. Many have had unfortunate events occur such as dropping the iPhone in water or knocking it off the sink into the toilet. Whatever the case may be there are a few things you need to do immediately if this happens.

Download Music, Videos, Documents Directly Using iPhone

media downloader tweak

Download Music, Videos, Documents Directly Using iPhone . Wouldn’t it be great to download files such as video, music, or documents directly from the internet? I’m here to share how you may do this without paying one cent. Thats right, Media Downloader is a Free Cydia Tweak available in ModMyi Repo. Users can visit the site which holds the files they wish to download and download it it using MEDIA DOWNLOADER.

How to use Find My iPhone to Find Lost or Stolen iPhone

Find My iPhone App

One of the best ways of retrieving a lost or stolen iPhone is through the “Finds My iPhone” service. Many users think this is only an application and if they didn’t install it or it wasn’t installed at time of loss they can’t use it. That is definitely wrong. Although, its a great plus if the Find My App is on the device and been set up properly theres still a chance you can track down your iOS device

How To Use MyWi7 On iOS 7 Jailbroken Devices As HotSpot

MyWi7 HotSpot

Many users jailbreak their devices for the sole purpose of this ability. After the device has been jailbroken user will need to install MyWi7. This tweak cost $19.99 and is available on ModMyi Repo. This may seem like an astronomical amount but I can assure you this $20 bucks is much less than what Verizon or AT&T would charge for tethering.

How To Use iPhone HotSpot On iOS 7

iOS 7 HotSpot

How many times have you been out and needed to use your laptop or iPad but didn’t have any wifi? Those days are long gone now with the iPhone running iOS 7. Users can easily and quickly connect their laptop, iPad, or any other device users may need to get a wifi connection on to use. Simply follow the few quick steps below to be up and running in a matter of a couple minutes. You will also need a device with a data plan and tethering option added too

Installous Alternatives 2014

installous alt.

The best alternative we have found and can get working on a dependable basis is vShare. vShare will allow you to download and install any application in the iTunes App Store. It’s broken down into five different categories across the bottom. Users can find their app fastest by using the search feature in the top right side of the screen. Tap the magnifying glass and it will open a search bar where users can type the name of the app they are looking to find. Refer to the photo below to see how vShare looks inside.

How To Use iPhone For USB Storage

iphone as USB

We have all needed to carry extra files with us in the past. What better way to carry those as to put them on your mobile device. It turns out theres a few different ways to accomplish this task. We always try to find a free way to do things but sometimes it’s not possible. We are going to share a couple apps in the App store and also thew jailbroken way. Which turns out the jailbroken way is the best way.

Track Your Budget & Expenditure Using This Interesting iPhone App


what this iPhone app can do for you. It’s called Value-Personal Finance Manager with Budgets, Income & Expenditure Tracker, Calendar and Reports.

The name itself gives you a clue on what this app does. It’s about tracking your budget, expense, date and time. These elements are very important if you want to make profits out of the little that you earn. They say time is money, and there’s your proof. Time is always proportional to money as seen in this app.

Earn Free Money Downloading Apps Using AppDown.me


Appdown.me is the best way to earn money for buying apps or anything else you may want. The sky is the limit with Appdsown.me. Users can purchase iOS applications in the App store using the Paypal money they earn through appdown.me or buy the latest version of GTA. It’s really up to you and how much effort you put into the process. Users who have a large following on their social media may earn hundreds of dollars monthly using Appdown.me.

How To Downgrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.2

downgrade ios 8 to ios 7

Today we are sharing the simplest method for downgrading iOS 8 back to iOS 8. This works for any of the beta versions available too. So it doesn’t matter if you are downgrading an iOS 8 beta 4 to iOS 7.1.2 it all works the same. Follow the steps outlined below and in the video for a foolproof method for downgrading.

Play iOS Emulator ROM’s No Jailbreak Needed: iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Not Needed

Emulators for iOS Devices

Many iOS users accidentally updated to the new firmware iOS 7.1. This resulted in the loss of the jailbreak for iOS 7 completely. Well I have good news my unfortunate friends. Today you can play ROM’s on any iOS device without the need of a jailbreak.

How To Increase Font Size On iOS 7 iPhone or iPad

iOS 7 How to Tips

Do you feel like you are straining to read the text on your iOS 7 device? This can be for many reasons primarily age but not always the case. Maybe you have poor vision or know someone who does that may need to increase the size of the text to read it more comfortably. If we have to strain to read our devices chances are we aren’t going to use them as much. Well we have the answer for how to increase the font size for iOS 7 devices.

How To Check iOS Device For MalWare NoFlod.dylib

chines iOS malware

We have all heard of Malware on computers but not iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Well that’s not the case anymore. Security researcher Stefan Esser (via ArsTechnica) has discovered an issue which was reported on Reddit in causing crashes on users jailbroken devices is actually a piece of malware used to capture Apple ID’s and passwords from infected devices. At this time, developers are unsure how the malware was inserted in iOS and are stating the only sure fire way to be certain you are clear of any other malware is full restore

How To Determine If Someone Blocked You On iOS 7 or iOS 8

How to Block Calls on iOS 7

Apple first introduced the feature for blocking contacts in iOS 7 or iOS 8. This can be a very productive way to eliminate annoying callers or someone who always seems to call at the wrong time. Although, its not a difficult task to block a contact but it could be easier but we won’t get into that now.

How To Add or Remove Contacts From iPhone Block List

iPhone blocked list

Sometimes the only way to prevent someone from bugging you all night is through blocking their contact.  We hope you enjoy the article below which teaches you a few different ways to block contacts.  You will not receive phone calls, messages, or FaceTime calls from people on your block list. There are many ways to […]