How Accelerometers Work in Smartphones and Where They’re Going


The modern day accelerometer can arguably be one of the great inventions of our time. That being said, many people don’t know what accelerometers are and how they work. Simply put, an accelerometer is a device that can detect axial changes in orientation. This technology is used most often in today’s smartphones to tell your screen when to rotate.

How To Record iOS Screen No Jailbreak Needed September 2014 [Video]

record iOS screen

Recording Display screen on iPhone, iPad, iPod running firmware iOS 7 or later. Theres a few different methods users can choose. I am going to share three different ways to Record your screen without the need of a jailbreak. That isa correct, these two methods Do NOT Require a Jailbreak.

How To Fix Water Damaged iPhone

iPhone water damage repair

We are all guilty of using our devices around water whether it be a pool, beach, or toilet. At some point you have put your iPhone at risk while using it is my best guess. Many have had unfortunate events occur such as dropping the iPhone in water or knocking it off the sink into the toilet. Whatever the case may be there are a few things you need to do immediately if this happens.

Download Music, Videos, Documents Directly Using iPhone

media downloader tweak

Download Music, Videos, Documents Directly Using iPhone . Wouldn’t it be great to download files such as video, music, or documents directly from the internet? I’m here to share how you may do this without paying one cent. Thats right, Media Downloader is a Free Cydia Tweak available in ModMyi Repo. Users can visit the site which holds the files they wish to download and download it it using MEDIA DOWNLOADER.

How to use Find My iPhone to Find Lost or Stolen iPhone

Find My iPhone App

One of the best ways of retrieving a lost or stolen iPhone is through the “Finds My iPhone” service. Many users think this is only an application and if they didn’t install it or it wasn’t installed at time of loss they can’t use it. That is definitely wrong. Although, its a great plus if the Find My App is on the device and been set up properly theres still a chance you can track down your iOS device

How To Use MyWi7 On iOS 7 Jailbroken Devices As HotSpot

MyWi7 HotSpot

Many users jailbreak their devices for the sole purpose of this ability. After the device has been jailbroken user will need to install MyWi7. This tweak cost $19.99 and is available on ModMyi Repo. This may seem like an astronomical amount but I can assure you this $20 bucks is much less than what Verizon or AT&T would charge for tethering.