SherpaCarry iPad Case Review: Great Quality and Usability

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The Sherpa Magnetic iPad Case can be used with both the iPad 2 or the New iPad. The Sherpa Magnetic iPad case offers great usability while looking very professional in colors camel and midnight.  It allows the user to work hands-free while staying attached to the iPad reducing the risk of losing the iPad.

Pure Contour 200i Air Dock Review: iOS Dock With AirPlay Support

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Pure Contour 200i Review Are you looking for an iOS Dock with AirPlay Support?  The Pure Contour 200i offers users great audio quality with AirPlay.  Users may use the free application for added tracks, podcasts, radio, and more.  For users who wish to have millions of tracks and radio stations at your fingertips all the […]

OtterBox Defender Series iPhone 5 Case: Ultimate iPhone Protection

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  OtterBox Defender/Commuter Series iPhone 5 Case The Otterbox defender iPhone 5 case completely protects the iPhone from everyday use. It consist of three different layers of protection with the outermost layer providing the ultimate protection from drops to keys.  The Defender series completely surrounds the iPhone with a built in screen protector.  So not […]

Zoogue “Genius” Pro iPad Case: Best iPad Case Available Today

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Zoogue makes one of the best iPad cases on the market called the Genius. The Genius Pro iPad case is made of genuine leather and has a velcro strap attached which may be used for an unlimited number of things.

Spigen Glast Screen Protector: Made From Real Glass Adds Super Screen Clarity and Protection

Spigen Glast Screen Protector thickness

  The Glast premium tempered glass screen protector by Spigen offers superb screen protection while delivering a true glass feel.  The Glast is made from real glass which makes the screen protector look and feel just as the actual screen of the iPad or iPhone.  The Glast can be purchased for the iPad and iPhone […]

Pong Research New iPad Case: Review


Pong Research Corporation’s new iPad Case offers some cool features which imply increase signal for Wi-Fi or 3G. Pong developers have embedded inside the case, a 3G/4G and WiFi coupled antenna system optimizes the iPad’s signal and range. Pong also implies it can reduces exposure to cellular and Wi-Fi radiation for those who have a concern […]

Logitech Solar Bluetooth iPad Keyboard: Throw Away The Batteries/Chargers

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Are you tired of recharging your tablet keyboard?  Logitech has eliminated the need for electricity or batteries.  Now all we nee is Apple to follow what they have done. The Logitech Solar Bluetooth iPad keyboard offers all day use with six hours light to charge and when fully charged can be used two years even […]

[SALE]Clamcase Bluetooth Keyboard iPad Case: REVIEW


Clamcase Bluetooth Keyboard iPad Case Incredible $10 Off at ClamCase® with code: CCFALL10 The clam case all in one keyboard case stand for ipad offers great usability. The case can be purchased for all generations of the iPad. I have been trying to acquire one the clam case for quite some time.  Based on what […]

Top Apple Products At Lowest Prices: Buy & Save Now


Top Apple Devices-Lowest Prices Here Apple is definitely at the top of the list for most consumers who purchase personal devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, and even computers.  They just offer such great quality and their products are consumer friendly to say the least.  Most anyone can pick up a new iOS device and […]

Open Multiple Apps At Once Using Quasar Cydia Tweak On iPad


Ever Wanted to open more than one app at once on your iPad? Now you can by using a jailbreak Cydia tweak called Quasar.  It’s now possible to watch a youtube video, open Pages(app), Safari, and more all at once.  The windows can be resized or moved simply by dragging the corner.  The app sales […]

Logitech Announces Solar Powered Bluetooth Keyboard Case

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Logitech has announced the release of an environmentally friendly solar powered ipad Bluetooth keyboard.  According to Logitech once the ipad is charged with the help of any light source users can expect to type two hours a day for two years.  Now that’s what I call longer lasting power.  I really don’t see how any […]

Green Figure iHolder Stand


The iPad 2 has been around for several months now. However, it is still a competitive world in the market of iPad accessories. The iPad user could be easily overwhelmed by all the available stands or cases available. I would definitely recommend doing some research to have an idea of whats available and what you […]

Otterbox Defender Series iPad 2 Review Summer 2011

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Visit for the latest app reviews and cydia tweaks. This video shows how to install the otterbox defender series on the ipad 2. please subscribe