DetailedBatteryUsage Provides Access to Apple’s Internal Battery Usage Menu


One of the many things that users worry about their device is the battery life which forces them to constantly check to make sure it doesn’t run out. This is why you’ll see many battery related tweaks on Cydia. One such interesting tweak is DetailedBatteryUsage by popular and curious developer Hamza Sood. The tweak unlocks […]

Adjust the app labels on the Home screen with LabelShift


LabelShift is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to adjust the height of the application labels on the Home screen…

NoWallpaperZoomAnimation prevents your Lock screen wallpaper from zooming in


You’ll notice a zoom in animation effect of the wallpaper that happens when the screen is turning on. NoWallpaperZoomAnimation aims to get rid of this …

Top 30 FREE iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks of September 2014 [Video]


We have put together a list of the top 30 Free iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks released during the month of September 2014.  A couple of the tweaks were from early October but they were to awesome to leave out of the Top 30 Free Tweaks video.

Reachability7 Tweak Brings iOS 8 Reachability Feature To Jailbroken Devices

reachability tweak

Reachability7 tweak brings one of the cool features in iOS 8 only found on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. It drops the entire screen down to almost half way point making it much easier to reach things with your thumb using one hand. I can definitely appreciate the reachability feature on the iPhone 6 Plus.

Top Five Free iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks September 9, 2014 [Video]

free cydia tweaks

Today we have put together five of the best Free Cydia Tweaks released over the past few days. If you feel we have overlooked a gem drop us a line in the comments below. We will add it to the next list if we find it helpful. Developers feel free to contact us for reviews.

Top Ten Free iOS 7 Cydia Tweaks September 2014

5 Free Cydia Tweaks

We have composed a list of our Favorite Top 10 FREE Cydia Tweaks released during the month of August 2014.  These are tweaks we feel many different users can enjoy.  Feel free to leave a comment if you feel we missed one of the best tweaks for this video.  Be sure to share this video with all your social media friends. 

Resume Cydia Tweak Allows Music To Start Again After Respring or Reboot

Resume Cydia Tweak

Resume Cydia Tweak Allows Music To Automatically Start Again After Respring or Reboot. The music will begin playing again right where it left off and without anyone touching or reopening the Music app.

Top Five FREE Cydia Tweaks (Must Have) Pangu Jailbreak 7.1.2

Best Five Free Cydia Tweaks Pangu Jailbreak

Each week we try to share the best Free Cydia Tweaks released over the past week. So be sure to bookmark thew site to remember to come back each day to stay up to date on all the latest jailbreak news, and reviews. We have six must have FREE Cydia Tweaks today. These are going to improve the way you use your device in almost every areas.

How To Tweet Unlimited Number of Characters and Attachments

twitter essentials tweak

Wouldn’t it be great to download files such as video, music, or documents directly from the internet? I’m here to share how you may do this without paying one cent. Thats right, Media Downloader is a Free Cydia Tweak available in ModMyi Repo. Users can visit the site which holds the files they wish to download and download it it using MEDIA DOWNLOADER.