FastFeed: The App Which Expands iOS Social Connectivity


FastFeed app allows owners of devices such as iPhone and iPad to instantly access their favorite news feed from social sites like Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

Rollimals HD: A Fun and Loaded with Cuteness Puzzle App


People use devices for games, but many want to try a game in full color in rich HD quality. It is not that easy to find a good app that will be an entertaining game and looks great to the eyesight at the same time. With Rollimals HD, it is possible for users to play […]

How To Get Free Movies On iOS 8 No Jailbreak Needed


We all enjoy watching movies from time to time. What makes them even better is free movies. Movie Box has been a big source fort movie lovers in the jailbreak community for some time. Well now users are able to get MovieBox without a jailbreak. It’s not really difficult to install either. Follow along as we show you how to do get Free Movies on iOS 8 No Jailbreak in our video below.

Photo Sphere Camera App Takes 360 Degree Photos

Google Camera app

Google released a new app a couple days ago called Photo Sphere Camera.  The app offers a special camera which allows the user to capture 360 degree images.  That means everything in front, back, above, and below you all in one photo stitched together.  That;s exactly how the application works too, it stitches all the different photos you capture together into one giant 360 degree photo.  It’s truly amazing just how great of a job this application can perform.

Best 10 Free iOS 7.1-7.1.2 Pangu JailBreak Tweaks

Tweak Wall Roundup

We are back again with the Best 10 Free iOS 7.1-7.1.2 Pangu JailBreak Tweaks. Here we will be showcasing you the list of the best 10 free tweaks for iOS 7.1/7.1.2. Recently this week the chinese jailbreak group “Pangu” caught us by surprise by releasing a jailbreak tool for iOS 7.1.2 which other jailbreak group community announce to skip such iOS firmware. The list to be displayed are free tweaks which we considered to make improve the performance and usage of your iDevice. Please note the number rankings used are for the sake of clarity and not measured based on any unit.

CopyTrans Makes Management Of iTunes Easy


CopyTrans is an application that easily transfer all your media files from iPhone/iPod/iPad to your iTunes library even if the iTunes is on another PC.

Play iOS Emulator ROM’s No Jailbreak Needed: iOS 7.1 Jailbreak Not Needed

Emulators for iOS Devices

Many iOS users accidentally updated to the new firmware iOS 7.1. This resulted in the loss of the jailbreak for iOS 7 completely. Well I have good news my unfortunate friends. Today you can play ROM’s on any iOS device without the need of a jailbreak.

BetterPowerDown: Adds iOS7.1 Power Down Style To iOS7


BetterPowerDown is a recently added tweak that modifies your power-down slider. BetterPowerDown changes the power-down slider to that of iOS 7.1 design or if you loved your previous verion, it also adds iOS 6 design to it. With iOS 7.1, Apple has modified some aspect of the interface and design and in this case has […]

Button4Phone: Brings iOS 7.1 Call Button Style To iOS 7


Button4Phone is an amazing tweak that transfer the call button concept from iOS 7.1 to iOS 7. If you are looking for a way to add some features of iOS 7.1 on your iOS 7 without ever upgrading, then Button4Phone is a must. iOS 7.1 came out with some improvements and changes in the overall […]

How to play Nintendo DS games on your iPhone and iPad?


Think the Nintendo DS is too outdated for your taste? Yet that memories of Mario, Sonic and Pokemon are haunting you always? Well now there is a way to play those classic Nintendo DS games on your iPhone or iPad. And the best part is that it works even without jailbreaking your device, yeah! Making this […]

PushNotify: Lets You Push iOS Notification To Your Mac


PushNotify is a simple tweak that lets you to forward any iOS notification from your iDevices to your Mac. It does by using your wi-fi network and pops up a message on the top right hand corner of your screen.   Ever wanted to have an application or tweak that can forward any notification on […]

How to sort contacts into groups and send group messages and mails on iPhone and iPad


  The earlier days of mobiles when Nokia ruled and free messaging plans were introduced – those were the days of the stupid forwarded messages. Succeeding the mass forwarded emails of the last century, it has now gradually drained into Whatsapp forwards and our SMS inboxes are fairly free from spam now. Not sure, but […]

Priority Hub Tweak: Organizes Your Notification On Lock Screen

Priority Hub

Priority Hub is a new tweak that modifies the notification on your lock screen. It organizes them in a more efficient and user-friendly way. Priority Hub was inspired by the new BlackBerry 10 interface and thanks to the developer Thomas Finch for such an amazing tweak. Priority Hub allows you to quickly go over your […]

How to get the 2048 tile in 2048 game? – Tips and Tricks


2048 has sky rocketed in the recent days to one of the top games on AppStore and even the Editor’s at Apple seems to acknowledge it by featuring them this week. This number game is based on the basic mathematical operation of addition but is addictive in the powers of two. Though the gameplay sounds simple, […]

Auxo 2: One Of The Best App Switcher Tweak

Auxo 2

  The most expected “Auxo 2″ App Switcher tweak for iOS 7 has finally been launched and released on Cydia. Thanks to the A3tweaks developer for such an exciting and amazing tweak of all time. Without doubt Auxo 2 has polished the stock iOS 7 App Switcher adding some refinements and features that has significantly […]

RocketLauncher: Launch Your Apps Directly From LockScreen


Lockscreen tweaks have always been popular, like JellyLock which I personally enjoy using it. RocketLauncher is a latest addition to your lockscreen. It simple allows you to launch your apps from the lockscreen by displaying the 7 apps from the app switcher.

Ride Like “Evil Knievel”: Hill Bill iOS App Review


Hill Bill is available in App store for $1.99.  It has been optimized for the iPhone 5 and supports full retina display. The object of the game is to help Hill Bill developed motorcycle riding skills as good as his idol Evil Knievel.  Watch the video review below for a look inside.

PacMan Dash iOS App Review


Pacman Dash is a fun new arcade game for the iOS devices. This game doesn’t follow the original way you play Pacman, instead of being in a maze like environment you run long distances trying to complete objectives. These objectives vary from; collect a certain amount of cookies, eat ghosts, or just run a set distance. All of these must be completed in 30 seconds.

BloodMasque iOS Action Game Review: Our Game Of The Week


BloodMasque is an iOS game users will thoroughly enjoy playing and fighting off other vampires before its too late.  The nineteenth century is coming to an end and you must hunt down vampires before they take over.  However, you are half vampire and half man.  Each hunt consist of several different stages that involve fighting through different enemies before taking on their leader at the end.

WritePad Note Taking iOS App Review


WritePad is available in App store for iPhone at $2.99 and iPad $4.99. We will be reviewing the application on the iPhone today. WritePad offers users the most advanced handwriting recognition software I have dealt with anywhere.