Five Nights at Freddy’s iOS app

Five Nights at Freddy’s iOS app

Anyone who can recall going to a birthday party at either Showbiz Pizza Place and Chuck E. Cheese’s can think back to the days when these animatronic mascots paved way for eerie nightmares. And this is what the new Five Nights at Freddy’s iOS app is reminiscent of—the kind that haunts your dreams until adulthood (apparently)

First Look: Swype Keyboard for iOS 8


Prior to iOS 8 there was no real way of choosing how you type.  You were stuck with the standard iPhone keyboard.  Tap,  tap,  tap.  Apple believed that the iPhone’s keyboard was the most powerful.  And it was,  until the gesture based typing revolution began. Then came Swype,  a swipe-based keyboard.  Swype has been available […]

KitCamera: The iOS Camera App Designed For Professionals


Even though photography greatly depends on the time, location and conditions in which a photo was taken, that does not mean that regular iOS users cannot obtain quality images with the aid of an innovative app. KitCamera was built from the scratch for the purpose of allowing users to capture better photos easier than ever before. Unlike other apps, KitCamera allows individuals to make desired adjustments and apply different effects in real time, without the need of a separate photo editor.

Kids-Zone: The Perfect iOS App For Entertaining Kids

kids zone

Everyone knows how quickly kids tend to get bored, and this happens for a multitude of reasons. However, thanks to an iOS app named Kids-Zone this issue should not exist anymore. Kids-Zone works by providing children with a collection of cartoon movies, animation scenes and songs dedicated specifically to the younger ages (all hand-picked by the founding team).

Cyan For iPhone: The Revolutionary Facebook App


Are you tired of the native Facebook app? Are you sick of its lagging UI and its old features being removed? Maybe you simply don’t like the new UI? If your answer was ‘yes’ to either of the questions, then stay tuned. Cyan for iPhone will change the way all Facebook users look at this social site ever again. This is no ordinary application, this is an out of this world experience for Facebook users.

MEKS – An Enhanced Facebook-like Social Network for iPhone

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 4.31.24 PM

Social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest or Google Plus are getting hundreds of millions of new followers every year, thus proving that people are now interested in online socializing more than ever. However, even with their latest additions some of their mobile applications feel cumbersome to use, especially when it comes to interacting with others. But MEKS, a new social network designed specifically for iOS users (as of now) aims to solve this problem. MEKS simplifies and enhances everything, from the process of interacting with others to chatting with your favorite friends.

Control Center For Mac: Quick Access to Important Information

Control Center Mac Featured

With OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 (here’s an amazing article going over iOS 8),  just around the corner,  we will soon have two operating systems that work seemingly well together.  One major setback on OS X is the lack of the Control Center.  In OS X Mountain Lion we saw the Notification Center ported over to the Mac.  So why no Control Center?  The […]

How to Switch Your Restaurant to an iPad POS System

iPad Apps for Restaurant

You have a beautiful restaurant that is highly popular with locals and tourists. In fact, you’ve just recently expanded and set up a website. Through the website, you are now getting home delivery orders and your restaurant is booming. However, in the last few months, you’ve noticed that you are having problems with several aspects of your restaurant due to employee errors.

ShadowPain – An Action Game You Won’t Like To Miss


The ShadowPain App is a new game for IOS by godhammer. It is an adventure game with cool features that enable players play various randomized levels in every trial. The game features fighting patterns with unpredictable enemy encounters that surprise players with engaging battles against knights, skeletons and bosses that stand along the way. The […]

Top Five Free iOS Apps of the Week August 28, 2014


It’s that time of the week when we share the top Free iOS Apps released over the past week. We hope you enjoy this weeks chosen apps. If you have a suggestion feel free to send it throughout at anytime during the week. Developers if you would like to be featured in the Top Free iOS Apps of the week please refer this page for more information.

Mobile Accessories for Apple iOS Products

iphone flip case

First and foremost, if you’re going to invest in an Apple product you’re undoubtedly going to want a case. The main reason for this is that while iPhones and iPads are well made, they are quite fragile. Included in both is an LCD display complete with glass cover, which means one drop can be fatal. Currently available on the market are many different cases that range in ruggedness. You can purchase a case that will simply protect your device’s rear from scratches which many may feel is enough. On the opposite side of the spectrum are extremely beefy cases with tons of padding and other protective material.

Photo Sphere Camera App Takes 360 Degree Photos

Google Camera app

Google released a new app a couple days ago called Photo Sphere Camera.  The app offers a special camera which allows the user to capture 360 degree images.  That means everything in front, back, above, and below you all in one photo stitched together.  That;s exactly how the application works too, it stitches all the different photos you capture together into one giant 360 degree photo.  It’s truly amazing just how great of a job this application can perform.

Track Your Budget & Expenditure Using This Interesting iPhone App


what this iPhone app can do for you. It’s called Value-Personal Finance Manager with Budgets, Income & Expenditure Tracker, Calendar and Reports.

The name itself gives you a clue on what this app does. It’s about tracking your budget, expense, date and time. These elements are very important if you want to make profits out of the little that you earn. They say time is money, and there’s your proof. Time is always proportional to money as seen in this app.

Crazy Taxi City Rush iOS App

Crazy Taxi: City Rush iOS app

Anyone who’s over the age of 30 can attest that the 90’s was a time of enjoyable games and fun. Because of its influence on individuals, it is easy to see why many would draw inspiration on these games. One of the new games that have become available on the iOS app store is Crazy […]

Spiritual Bliss Magazine App Promoting Healthy Spiritual Life

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 5.43.41 PM

In today’s busy world, it’s important to retain spiritual balance to help you in moving forward. Having a spiritual magazine right on your iPad will be helpful in keeping this balance daily. Spiritual Bliss Magazine is a well-known digital spiritual and meditation magazine you can get for your device. Concept The concept behind this magazine […]

AirServer App All Set to Make Gamers Happy

AirServer App

After introducing Airplay feature on the iOS 5, Apple left the Apple TV as the only device that could mirror iOS devices to the TV screen. This, however, raised eyebrows as Apple was unable to support their Mac product as a device capable of AirPlay. Thankfully, this was fixed with the introduction of AirServer; a […]

Hookah Mix iOS App – All About Smoking Hookah

Hookah Mix iOS app

If you’ve ever grown curious about hookah tobaccos and the craze for them, it is important that you know what to expect. But if it is your first time to try using a hookah, it can be quite a challenge; especially if you do not know what’s in store for you. In some cases, you […]

Top 5 iOS Traveling Apps June 2014

top 5 traveling apps

With summer finally here, tourists will be hitting their holidays whether it be abroad or domestic, killing time on the journey will be key. When going away, it is important to know what is going on and where you can enjoy the culture to its fullest.

CopyTrans Makes Management Of iTunes Easy


CopyTrans is an application that easily transfer all your media files from iPhone/iPod/iPad to your iTunes library even if the iTunes is on another PC.

FIFA Official iOS App

FIFA Official iOS App

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last week, you may not be aware that the 2014 World Cup in Brazil has already commenced. And if you’ve been missing out on these updates, make sure that you download the FIFA Official iOS App so you can keep yourself educated on what’s been […]