Important Tips on Preventing Fraying of Lightning Cables


At the moment when the Lightning cable had been made public, the Apple Company promised that it will improve its durability and many users were happy about that. Most of them hoped that the cable would not be damaged as easily as the previous 30-pin connector. Soon after, the Lightning cables appeared on the market […]

Zap Zap Math – An App that Merges Learning and Exciting Fun


Mathematics is an incredible scientific area. In many ways, it is the bedrock of all natural science. Without it, physics, chemistry and many more fields simply would not be possible. That is why today, as always, it is important that kids start to learn and appreciate math as soon as they can. But, unlike so […]

App Review – Math Tales – The Jungle


Math Tales, another new interesting Marshmallow Games app, is created with an interactive story in the Jungle. Math Tales is a game with learning activities. The learning features in this app include interactive colors, numeral counting, logic operations, spatial perception and visual perception. The app is dedicated to helping kids learn plenty of specific math […]

Reasons To Enjoy Bingo Through Online

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Bingo players will be delighted to know they can now have access to hundreds of different bingo games right on their smartphone.  There are many UK bingo sites that offers 40+ different mobile bingo games online and can also be played on the smartphone of their choice. Players may also enjoy playing slots and casino […]

Top 5 Indoor Activities To Do When You Are Home

Harrys Bingo

If you are planning to invite your friends or family to your home for a lazy weekend then you should know some really amazing indoor activities that add much to your entertainment and fun. Knowing the fact that outdoor activities tend to get tiring and hectic, hence we bring to you top 5 indoor activities […]