TIOL Lite iOS App Review


There’s a newly launched game that’s already gaining a number of positive feedback from the people who have played it. Called TIOL Lite iOS app, the name actually stands for This Is Our Land; a new dynamic game with intuitive fighting mode. If you’re looking for a new combat game to play on your iPad, […]

Rssie iOS App Review


Nowadays, RSS reader apps are available abundantly on the app store; each with a corresponding price and set of features. Mostly, some of them are inclusive of a few other unnecessary features that make using the app a little disheartening. Ever since Google shut down its RSS reader service, users have always been on the […]

Top Three iPhone Apps To Help Drivers Become Kings On The Road

iOS GasBuddy App

Use iPhone apps to become King of the Road. Cars have become complex gadgets and more and more people are in need of them these days. There is not too much information out there to enlighten us about what changes are being made in cars today. In fact, even if the information is out there, we will never catch up with it as changes are constantly happening.

How to play Nintendo DS games on your iPhone and iPad?


Think the Nintendo DS is too outdated for your taste? Yet that memories of Mario, Sonic and Pokemon are haunting you always? Well now there is a way to play those classic Nintendo DS games on your iPhone or iPad. And the best part is that it works even without jailbreaking your device, yeah! Making this […]

How to sort contacts into groups and send group messages and mails on iPhone and iPad


  The earlier days of mobiles when Nokia ruled and free messaging plans were introduced – those were the days of the stupid forwarded messages. Succeeding the mass forwarded emails of the last century, it has now gradually drained into Whatsapp forwards and our SMS inboxes are fairly free from spam now. Not sure, but […]

Must have apps for sport fans on iOS Devices

sky sports

With technology advancing everyday, it is important that organizations progress along with it. Nowadays, there is an ‘app’ for everything including the sport industry. Check out some of our favorite applications below relating to Sports. I certain you will find something, which interest you too.

Family Guy The Quest iOS App


Ever since it was first mentioned in December, lots of people have been looking forward to the release of the new Family Guy The Quest iOS app. Its full name, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, has finally been released on the App Store. If you want to get a headstart before anyone else, make […]

Sleep Cycle iOS App Review


Nowadays, getting a good night’s sleep is hard to get by, especially for those who are always on the go. Despite efforts to continuously improve an individual’s quality of sleep, there still seems to be a question on how much sleep is enough? For this reason, sleep tracking apps have become among the downloaded tools […]

Flappy Little Thing iOS App Review

Flappy Little Thing iOS App

Months later and the Flappy Bird mania still hasn’t died down. Despite the fact that the original app has already vanished from the App Store, there are still numerous games that draw inspiration with the game’s concept and graphics. These app developers are taking advantage of the game’s immense popularity, hoping that their creation will […]

Set Out on a Mission to Rescue a Family of Vampires in Final Dusk

ios games

Final Dusk is a game that combines your puzzle-solving abilities with quick-action decisions. You start off as Mina the Vampire, the daughter of an influential vampire family that has been turned to stone due to a misjudgment on their part. Find your way through numerous levels in which you’ll learn more about what happened and how you can save the vampire family.

Qustodio Safe Browser – The Perfect App for Parents

qustodio browser app

Having appropriate parental control over the Internet is very difficult and complex. You can either tamper with your operating system’s host file or fiddle with the browser’s extensions. If you’re a tech expert, you can even use a filtering software to make sure your kid is not exposed to malicious content on the Internet.

Heads Up iOS App Review


Heads Up iOS App is an enjoyable game you can play with your friends. You can think of it as if you’re playing a high tech version of Charades or Pictionary, which involves your iPhone. This is a highly engaging and addictive game promoted by host Ellen DeGeneres. If you’re in the mood to play […]

How to get the 2048 tile in 2048 game? – Tips and Tricks


2048 has sky rocketed in the recent days to one of the top games on AppStore and even the Editor’s at Apple seems to acknowledge it by featuring them this week. This number game is based on the basic mathematical operation of addition but is addictive in the powers of two. Though the gameplay sounds simple, […]

Monument Valley iOS App


Not to be confused with an actual location, Monument Valley iOS app is a game for those with a creative mind and an even wilder imagination. Built by the same developer of the popular Whale Trail game, Ustwo, Monument Valley is a calm puzzle where you have to discover pathwalks that aren’t really there. Because […]

Good News iOS App Review


Nowadays, it is very seldom to come across a credible news website where you can get up to date information delivered straight to your iPhone. If this is something that you have been on the lookout for, the app called Good News iOS app is something you should consider downloading.

Best iPhone and iPad apps and Games for March 2014


On the first day of every month, we bring you the best iOS games and apps released in the past 30 days so that you needn’t be all over the app review sites to play the “now popular” games. So here are our picks for March, 2014. Top Games Smash Hit – Best iOS game […]

2048 iOS App Review

2048 app review

2048 iOS App is a surprisingly addictive math game that is FREE for iOS devices. Now I know you hear math game and think “sounds boring” but it’s not. It’s actually extremely fun. The main goal of the game is to slide panels around and match up numbers to double the number (ie. 2×2=4 4×2=8 and so on…), and eventually reach 2048.

Top Five Free iOS 7 Apps March 22, 2014

top five apps

Be sure to check out this week’s Top Five Free iOS Apps. These are some of the best we have reviewed in a while. I’m sure theres something for everyone. Check out our video review below and download links provided here also.

Flick Champions Winter Sports GaME Review For iOS


With the winter games coming to a close in Sochi, it would be nice if there was a game out there that captures the essence. Flick Champions Winter Sports captures that feeling. In the game you play many sports like the ones played in Sochi Russia. You can play many sports like; Slalom, Ski Jumping, Hockey, Skating, Biathlon, and more. Each of these games is a fun experience, and executed perfectly.

Fresh Deck Poker Card Game Review iOS, Android & Facebook


Fresh Deck Poker is a cross platform card game application developed by Idle Games available on iOS, Android, or Facebook. Players can begin playing as guest or by signing in through their Facebook account. Players can customize their avatars however they choose and update it anytime.