Rockstar’s Popular Games GTA GGrand-Theft-Auto-San-Andreas-PC-Game-21-940x780o On Sale


The popular Grand Theft Auto series on both Android and iOS is currently on sale. Users can save up to $6 if they purchase all three of these now. The creator of GTA, Rockstar has discounted the price in celebration of San Andreas anniversary.

Cirqle iOS app

cirqle ios app

When it comes to using social sharing websites, it always calls for being a relevant user.  In Facebook, you need to get your friends to like your posts so you can get more engagement with them.  On photography apps, the concept is pretty much the same.  You will need to post interesting items so you […]

Word Fit Puzzle: An Ingenous Puzzle Game For The iOS

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 1.11.51 PM

Word Fit Puzzle is a game designed for iPad and iPhone which seeks to provide players with a new kind of challenge.  Users are provided with an empty grid of columns and a list of words, the objective being to fit all words within the available columns without letting any of them out. Features: * […]

Copy and Paste Clipboard Widget iOS app

Copy & Paste Clipboard Widget iOS app

Having troubles with your copy-paste feature on iOS 8? Copy and Paste Clipboard Widget iOS app is here!

Barometer + Widget for iPhone 6 iOS App

Barometer + Widget iOS app

If you’re using your iOS device to help you keep track of your movement, there’s one app that will be useful to you: Barometer + Widget for iPhone 6.

Best iOS 8 Widgets iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus


After several weeks, iOS developers have been updating their apps to run on Apple’s new operating system. One specific new feature in iOS 8 is Notification Center Widgets. Since it’s major release almost a month ago now, the widget market has blown up. With a ton of apps updated with widgets included, and several other standalone apps where their soul purpose is to install a widget on your device.

Swizzle: The iPhone App Designed For Mixing Youtube Playlists


Swizzle is an iPhone app designed to enhance the experience of music lovers. Backed up by a YouTube engine which enables users to discover and mix online playlists with ease, the app is able to function at just about any time without placing extra burden on the device.

Alarmy (Sleep If U Can): The App That Makes Waking Up Easier


Alarmy (Sleep If U Can) is an iPhone app intended for users who have a hard time waking up. The innovation brought by this app relies in the stopping method. This app doesn’t come with a “Snooze” button, but features instead two unusual methods of stopping it.

Top 5 Apps for Halloween

Into the Dead iOS app

Are you all geared up for Halloween? Make sure you have these apps installed on your iOS device.

Angry Birds Transformers iOS Game

Angry Birds Transformers iOS Game

If there’s one iOS game that can be regarded as the single most successful franchise, there is no doubt that it would be awarded to Angry Birds. And to be honest, the developers of the iOS game truly know the addictive genius they have created. This led them to create more games under the Angry […]

One Handed Keyboard iOS app

One Handed Keyboard iOS app

You can now go back to one hand typing on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus device thanks to One Handed Keyboard iOS app. Read more here.

Top Free iOS Apps or Games of The Week October 16, 2014

free apps

We share these post every Thursday afternoon. That’s the day Apple releases all thew new Applications so we look through them to find the best Free each week so you may find them here every week. Be sure to bookmark the site.

Top Ten iOS 8 3rd Party Keyboard Apps


One of the many cool features iOS 8 brought was the use of third party keyboard apps. Our staff has put together a list of our favorite Top Ten iOS 8 3rd party keyboard apps which we use often. The Apps can change anything from the font style, color, layout, and much more. Take a moment to watch our video review of Top Ten iOS 8 3rd Party Keyboard Apps.

Adobe Shape CC iOS App

Adobe Shape CC iOS app

It seems like the things you can do with your iPhone device today are becoming more creative than ever.  Apart from being able to determine certain things with your device, there are tools and apps you can use to make your life a lot better.  Recently, there is one new app that has gained the […]

Cars Fast as Lightning iOS app

Cars: Fast as Lightning iOS app

If you’re a fan of fast cars and all things related to it, you’ll surely love the newly released iOS game Cars: Fast as Lightning.  Based on the  much appreciated Disney/Pixar animated movie, Cars, the new iOS game features characters and background of the movie.  You don’t need to be a kid to enjoy this […]

Must-Have For iPhone 6: Cycloramic for iPhone 6 Has Gone Free For Limited Time


Cycloramic for iPhone 6 has just gone free on iTunes for a limited time. This app has been specifically made for the iPhone 6 and allows users to capture hands free panoramas and videos using the front facing or rear facing cameras.

How to Get Photo Camera Roll Back in iOS 8

My Camera Roll iOS app

While the iOS 8 software update promised a number of new additions and changes to iOS devices, it also removed one feature that its users have gotten quite accustomed to—Camera Roll. Along with the Photo Stream, Apple has transferred your photos to a different location. Once you’ve updated your device to iOS 8, you will […]

League of War: Strategic 3D Battles iOS App

League of War iOS app

If there’s one quality that people are looking for in an iOS game, it would be how enjoyable it is. Thankfully, the new League of War: Strategic 3D Battles iOS game does exactly that. Developed by MunkyFun, this iOS game has been one of the most played apps. After it was launched in December, the […]

How to View iCloud Drive With Cloud Drive Explorer


The biggest drawback to iCloud Drive on iOS is the lack of a native file explorer for it.  Services such as Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive have native applications to view their respective cloud files.  So why doesn’t Apple offer a first-party iCloud Drive app?  Nobody’s sure. Though it would’ve been logical too, Apple might […]

Fuel Burner: Get Your Copter Through The Maze


I was playing with an old puzzle app that I had downloaded a month ago and realized that it had gotten a little more boring than I could have imagined when I downloaded it.  I decided to take a quick peek into the App Store, and found a recently-released app, Fuel Burner. After reading the […]