Camera Pro Plus: Review

One of the greatest features of the iPhone 4S is the camera. The camera is eightcamera pro plus logo megapixels which creates phenomenal picture taking abilities. I have used many digital cameras over past years that don’t compare with the ability of the iPhone 4S camera. By using some of the many applications available in the App Store combined with the iPhone 4S camera ability allows the user professional grade photographs. I am a photo taking fanatic since I received my iPhone 4S. The camera has really made me want to be a better photographer. It also takes 1080 P video as whale.


So what this means is we have professional grade photographs at have our fingertips. Now, all we have to do is catch that perfect moment. The application I am going to discuss will help you become a better photographer. Camera Pro plus is a new application and has many great features. You can edit your photos inside camera Pro plus before saving them to the camera roll. You can sync with you to the Facebook Twitter and more. It allows the user to share their photos and videos as soon as they’re taking. All you need to do is simply take, upload, and share. It’s really that simple camera Pro plushas many different types of filters that can be added to your photos

camera pro plus

and videos. This has been one of my requests for a long time is for developers to add video editing abilities to their applications. Well, they have finally listened. Camera Pro plus allows the user to edit the photos and videos from inside the application before saving or uploading. Camera Pro plus is a great way to take photos or videos for sharing on Facebook and twitter. Camera Pro plus also allows the user to share their photos and videos through e-mail. You can share over a Wi-Fi connection or an FTP connection. The photos and videos are divided according to whether they are a photo or a video. I really like this feature everything’s not jammed altogether. You can lock the video or photo to prevent accidental editing or deleting.  It has a feature to add a timer geo tags, gridlines, and more. It’s very simple to adjust the temperature, contrast, and more. The user can easily edit the photos by adjusting things such as hue, contrast, saturation, temperature and much more. You can adjust the brightness by adding more or less. After you get the photo like you want you can add a border around the edges.  They have nine different types of borders in Camera Pro plus is a must have application in my opinion. I have only said that about maybe three or four applications since I’ve been using the iPhone. I think this application definitely deserves the hall of fame honor and I will gladly award it that myself.

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