Block callers, Keep Private Numbers Private; 360 MobileSafe iPhone App

Do you need a way to protect numbers, block calls or text messages?  Store numbers and text messages in a private password protected area.  360 Mobile safe is a way to store or block callers.  Protect any numbers or messages with a passcode.  This is an awesome way to keep unwanted eyes from your personal numbers.  It can be customized to suit the individuals needs.  Watch the video review for more info.  Leave a comment on your thoughts.

  • It’s me……Pablo

    It’s a great app, at least it was up until today. I was using it up until today. An upgrade came out and changed the app entirely into Chinese, and I haven’t been able to find a way to change the language to English. Makes it completely useless for me.

  • Antonio Green

    lock my phone with this app found it now i cant unlock it please help

  • Sandra Guillory

    Does not work with 6.1 please update app

    • Mitch Stevens