BetterLS: You Can Now Configure Your Lock Screen

With other Lock Screen tweaks on board, this tweak is an extra addition in which it allows you to completely modify the looks of your Lock Screen. If you are looking for a way to simplify your Lock Screen or want some features to show and some not then this tweak “BetterLS” can help you out.


With this tweak installed, you can hide certain elements of the Lock Screen while allowing some other elements to be displayed. You can also adjust the spacing. Once installed, you can find the preference  pane in the Settings Menu.

From the preference pane, you can change the style of the status bar, enable or disable a better grabber feature, showing or hiding the media arts and controls, adjusting the spacing between the elements, adjusting the position, selecting a style for slide to unlock, and hide or show various elements of the Lock Screen like date+time, camera grabbers, NC and CC grabbers and more.

Overall, this tweak provides you with lots of customization tools that you can imply and change the overall look of the Lock Screen. If you want to give “BetterLS” a try, it is available on Cydia for $1.50. iOS 7 is a requirement.