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Best Cydia Repo/Sources for iOS 10 | 10.1.1 |10.2 Yalu Jailbreak May 2017

Best Cydia Repo/Sources for iOS 10 | 10.1.1 |10.2 Yalu Jailbreak

One of the important parts of having a good Jailbreak is downloading well-developed tweaks.  The only place to find such tweaks are in reputable repo/sources in Cydia.  By adding good sources users are able to find good tweaks. Follow our guide below for installing Cydia repo/sources on iOS 10 devices.  We have also put together a list of the best tweaks for users.

How to install Top Cydia Sources 2017 on iOS 10 – 10.2 Jailbroken Devices

  1.   Open the Cydia Application you will have different options across the bottom of the screen 1. Cydia 2. Sections. 3. Changes 4. Manage  5. Search  across the bottom screen
  2.   Tap “manage” at the bottom of the screen inside Cydia.  This will open a screen which has three options  1. Packages. 2. Sources. 3. Storage  Tap “Sources
  3.   This will open a screen listing all the repo’s currently installed on your jailbroken device.
  4.   In the top right corner tap “Edit” and “add” in the left corner.  This will open a pop-up which users can type in the URL of the repo they wish to install.  Inside the pop-up box enter the URL of the repo and tap “Add Source”
  5. After entering the URL and tapping “add source” Cydia will download the information from the new repo onto your jailbroken device.

To see what’s available in the new repo or any repo just opens Cydia > Manage > Sources >”select the repo you wish to look through”. If you find a tweak you wish to install just tap on it and choose download.  Some tweaks are paid and will require users to enter payment information.  This info is 100% encrypted and safe.  I have been using Cydia for almost ten years now without any issues relating to my payment info.  Users can and should feel 100% safe.

Top Sources for iOS 10 Jailbroken Devices

Regardless, of how good you think the repo or source is for getting cracked tweaks, I can tell you first hand your device will always have issues running these. Cracked Tweaks aren’t updated or coded as well as purchased tweaks.  Developers also do things to try and prevent users from downloading cracked tweaks and this causes issues.  Take some advice from someone who use to always use cracked tweaks, your device will run so much better when you get the purchased version. 

99% of the time if you will. Email the developer of the tweak you want they will send you a free copy rather than have you downloading cracked versions.  Try it and see.  Come back and leave us a comment letting others know I am right.  Developers, feel free to comment on this, please.

Although, I do not condone piracy I am smart enough to know it’s going to occur.  Therefore, if you plan to download cracked tweaks please use the sources below to do so.

Top Sources For Cracked Apps and Tweaks 2017

The sources listed in this post are sources I use personally.  These are safe and will cause no harm to the device.  Let us know your favorite source in the comments section below.

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