Best 40 Cydia Tweaks after Yalu Jailbreak iOS 10.2

40 tweaks install after Yalu Jailbreak

We have put together a list, of what we think, are the best Cydia tweaks to install right after jailbreaking your iOS 10 device using the Yalu jailbreak.  Although the list consists of around 40 or more Cydia Tweaks, we do not recommend installing all of them by any means.  Just for a rule of thumb I usually try to keep my tweak installations between 5-8 depending on the size of the device among other things such as Winterboard Themes or Anemone Themes that may be installed on the iOS device too.

How MaNY Cydia Tweaks are too Many

The number of items on the device is effected regardless of what you are talking about whether it be Cydia Tweaks, Themes, or regular iOS apps.  It requires the iOS device to load each one of these at each reboot or restart.  This can increase the amount of time it takes the device to shut down too.  Just a few things to let you know the more you load the slower you go.  Keep in mind too, the number of Cydia sources you have will increase the load time and search time for Cydia also increasing the risk of crashes.

Below is the list of tweaks shown in the video and any repo’s you need.  Most developers have added their tweaks to stock repo’s now so the number of repo’s you have should drastically reduce.  Take a bit of time to be sure you are using a tweak from each source you have installed.  Otherwise, I strongly recommend removing them to save memory and improve Cydia load time and overall performance.

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Cydia Tweaks to install right after you Jailbreak.  These are all tested by us and 100% safe

Best 40 Cydia Tweaks after jailbreaking iOS 10.2

  1. Noctis  $2
  2. Controlmycenter
  3. coySIM
  4. Activator 


  5. Anemone
  6. Anemone Theme – Ace Sierra X
  7. Cylinder
  8. Eclipse 4.0
  9. iCleaner Pro
  10. Lithium iOn
  11. Speed Intensifier
  12. iCleaner Pro
  13. NoPowerAlert
  14. OTA Killer
  15. NoFolderBackground
  16. RocketBootStrap
  17. CCrecorder
  18. HideLabel10  (
  19. WormHole
  20. Speedy 


  21. HotDog
  22. cameraShy
  23. darkMessage
  24. motuumLS
  25. timeforAlarm
  26. noPageDots7
  27. iconRenamer
  28. Peek-a-boo 


  29. PreferenceOrganizer 2 (
  30. Sonus 


  31. Fingal
  32. Status VolX (
  33. 3G Unrestrictor 5 (site)
  34. Platters
  35. Cydia failsafe
  36. Displayweather10
  37. Slidetounlock10
  38. BioProtect
  39. DarkMessages


  40. Youtube ++ (not shown in video)

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