Awesome iOS 5 Paid Cydia Tweaks April 2012

Many wonder why jailbreak? Watch the video for just a few reasons why. There are hundreds of Cydia tweaks available. Some are free, but most of the better tweaks are paid. These are what I refer to as the “premium” tweaks. I have composed a list of eight of the premium tweaks I have tried this year. Most of these have been developed within the past three to four weeks. The list consist of many awesome tweaks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.
Aero($1.99) – add animation to your multitasking
Deck($1.99) – tool bar on the side of the screen, which can be customized to suit the users needs.
Imperium($0.99) – has many of the SBSettings features. This tweak can be customized under the settings menu.
Card Switcher($1.99) – great way to multitask at a glance. Turns the app switcher into cards or grid.
SendAny($1.99) – works with iMessage with Mac. Drag and drop different types of files into iMessage to send. Great way to transfer photos, music, word docs., and more.
Usefullcons($0.99) – Choose from twelve different icons to add to the springboard. Things such as respring, reboot, music player, lock, and more.
SpeakEvents ($1.99)– speaks your incoming text messages, emails, phone calls, and more. Can be customized to read body, subject, and selected applications.
Stride ($2.99)– Unlock your iphone with a Scientific feel.
Feel free to leave a comment on your thoughts of these tweaks.