Auxo 2: One Of The Best App Switcher Tweak

Auxo 2


The most expected “Auxo 2” App Switcher tweak for iOS 7 has finally been launched and released on Cydia. Thanks to the A3tweaks developer for such an exciting and amazing tweak of all time. Without doubt Auxo 2 has polished the stock iOS 7 App Switcher adding some refinements and features that has significantly improved the App Switcher interface and performance.

Auxo 2 overview


After installing Auxo 2 and as soon as you double click the home button or swipe up from bottom, you’ll be greeted with a new App Switcher interface as shown in the picture above. As most of you have identified it, Auxo 2 combines the stock iOS 7 App Switcher and the Control Center into one gorgeous interface. Well this is not the only feature offered by Auxo 2, the one feature offered by this tweak which stands out from other features offered by Auxo 2 and other App Switcher tweak is the Quick Switcher feature. We will cover each feature in detail throughout this post.

Quick Switcher

This extraordinary feature is new in the jailbreak community as other App Switcher tweak have modified the design and interface of the stock iOS 7 app switcher. Quick Switcher, as the name implies allows you to quickly navigate between the open apps by a simple gestures. To use the Quick Switcher features, put your thumb on the bottom left corner of the screen and gently swipe up. You’ll notice the current app zooms out and preview of 6 apps appear along with their respective icons. To move within the apps preview drag your fingers across the screen to view the launched apps. To open an already launched app, release your finger once you have located the application on the Quick Switcher interface.

Auxo 2 Quick Switcher

By default, the tweak will display the 6 apps which have been launched. If you want Auxo 2 to display all the recently opened apps then navigate to the Auxo 2 preference pane, then Advanced Options and toggle on the Unlimited Quick Switcher. The advantage of the Quick Switcher is that it has a very smooth animations as you drag your finger across the screen and that you can move within the apps preview and choose to open any app with only one thumb (fulfilling iPhone’s main goal of one thumb phone).


The next feature offered in Auxo 2 is the Multi-Center. Multi-Center is a very simple feature that hasn’t modified any aspect of the App Switcher but has just re-positioned it’s elements. What has been done is combining the App Switcher and the Control Center into one interface. It displays the Toggles on the top, the App Switcher on the middle and the Media Controls at the bottom.

Auxo 2 Multi Center

Multi-Center retains the same functionality of the App Switcher and Control Center. At the top is the AirDrop and AirPlay controls features along with the toggles for Airplane mode, bluetooth, wifi, do not disturb, and rotation lock. In the middle you have the App Switcher where you can swipe left or right to view the recent apps, swipe up to dismiss them, swipe down to open the apps and an additional feature where you can kill all the apps by swiping up on the home screen card and tapping on “Close All Apps” button. The kill all apps feature is smart enough as it doesn’t close the music application that is playing the song currently.

At the bottom we have the media controls along with 4 application controls namely Torch, Timer, Calculator and Camera. The volume controls and brightness slider are circular which adds more spice to the feel and the look of Multi Center. The other additional feature is that when a song is playing, the application shortcuts are replaced with the song’s scrubber, the song’s title, artist name and the album name. When tapping on the song’s title or information, the App Switcher in the middle will be replaced with the song’s artwork and swiping left or right on the artwork will change the song’s track accordingly.

Hot Corners

Hot Corners is the third feature offered bu Auxo 2. Depending on how you have configured the other 2 features namely Quick Switcher and Multi-Center, Hot Corners offered the ability to perform multiple things. If both Quick Switcher and Multi-Center are enabled, the Hot Corners allows you to leave or close the app and visit the home screen by swiping up from the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

If you have the Multi-Center feature disabled, you can enter the Quick Switcher mode by swiping up midway from bottom left hand corner of the screen and pulling all the way up will enter into the stock App Switcher interface. The bottom right hand gesture still returns back to home screen while in app and swiping from the bottom middle of the screen will invoke the Control Center.

With both the Quick Switcher and Mutli-Center features disabled, swiping up from bottom left corner will bring up the standard App switcher tray while it retain the functionality of exiting the app and returning to home screen by swiping up from bottom right corner. To invoke the Control Center, swipe up from the center of the screen.

Preference Pane

As usual, once the tweak are installed a preference pane will be added to the settings menu. From here you can enable or disable the Multi-Center feature. Multi Center is the main feature of Auxo 2 tweak and the accessibility of other tweaks depends on Multi-Center feature. You can enable or disable the Quick Switcher feature and can choose to enable or disable the Hot Corners Features.

The last tab is the Advance Tab. From there you can enable or disable Minimal Display (you can choose to display AirDrop and Airplay controls and features), enable or disable Open to Last Apps where it makes sure that when Multi-Center is activated it is opened up to the last used app preview. The Quick Launcher tab, you can choose when to display the media controls depending on whether the music is being played or not or even when the music is being played, you can choose not to display the media controls. You can enable or disable the Unlimited Quick Switcher where it will view more than 6 apps preview in Quick Switcher interface. Invert Corners switch the activation gesture of Hot Corner feature and the App Switcher feature. In Disable in Applications, you can choose to disable the Auxo 2 features in certain applications and games.

Trouble Shooting

Despite the smooth functionality of Auxo 2 and it’s feature, there are some tweaks that doesn’t work well with Auxo 2 and causes the iDevices to crash. In order to avoid any crash, the developer has mentioned that it doesn’t support CCControls, CCToggles, or LockHTML3. Therefore you are required to uninstall one or all of these in order to have a smooth experience of Auxo 2 and its features. The bad news is that uninstalling the CCControls and CCToggles will hinder you from customizing your toggles. No need to worry as there is a solution to it. In order to retain your toggles customization capability, you need to install CCSettings tweak in order to keep your mostly used toggles in Control Center. Auxo 2 completely supports Polus. However those who are using Vertex tweak, they need to uninstall it because I was also using this tweak but unfortunately it caused my iPhone to crash constantly after I installed Auxo 2. Disabling the Vertex tweak from the preference pane doesn’t solve it either. You just need to uninstall it completely.

Overall, I truly enjoyed using this tweak as they have smartly combined App Switcher and Control Center together therefore having access to these features in one gesture. The combination of these two feature without adding anything but just re-positioning the elements itself made it so simple yet elegant and eye catching. If you want to spend some cash on a tweak, Auxo 2 should definitely be on top of your list

If you want to give it a try, head over to Cydia and install it. Previous owner of Auxo (those running on iOS 5 and iOS 6 respectively) can upgrade to Auxo 2 for $0.99, however the developer claims it to be $1.99 but anyway you better hurry. Those who are new to Auxo 2 can purchase this tweak at $3.99. So just head over Cydia and enjoy it. It supports iOS 7.0 – 7.0.6 and runs on iPhones and iPod Touch however iPad is yet to be added.

Here is our video tutorial on Auxo 2 and it’s amazing features. Enjoy!