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Is Apple the Most-Environment Friendly Company?

Have you ever imagined the tech giant Apple could set a benchmark in contributing to the environment as well? Sounds interesting, isn’t it? According to the latest reports from a nonprofitable Foundation named as Greenpeace Foundation, Apple is the most environment-friendly company across the globe.

According to the foundation, Apple preserved the top position third time in a row, which makes the company more proud of their great achievement. Apart from this, the major competitors like Google and Facebook got a great appreciation for good cut down on the greenhouse emission after Apple.

What were the Foundations Reports

Greenpeace Foundation is an independent non-profitable Foundation that is based in Hawaii and founded in 1976. The foundation emphasizes on their target of minimal greenhouse emission in the environment by the efficient utilization of the resources. The reports mentioned that the Apple is on the top of the scorecard with an 83% in the Greenpeace Foundation’s Clean Index.

On the other hand, market giants such as Facebook and Google managed to get ratings of 67% and 56% respectively. Besides the fact that Google and Apple both are tech giants that have a great capture over the entire market, there are many efforts by them to encourage renewable sources of energy. The foundation asked the both the companies to provide complete transparency in their annual reports.

How Apple Manage its production’s Emission and Recycling Programs?

Apple has eventually managed to provide the finest products to the entire world without compromising on the quality and durability. There are certain things that many Apple fans are unaware of, and one such thing is the greenhouse emission control as well as Recycling of the old equipment.

The company is known for their contribution in making the environment cleaner and greener by utilizing the renewable sources of energy across their manufacturing plants in the entire world. Moreover, the company has a dedicated department that manages the emission as well as the utilization of resources to minimize the impact on the environment.


Furthermore, the company emphasizes on recycling the old electronic equipment. They are continuously improving their e-recycling programs that lend a hand in preserving the nature as well as well as minimizing the use of resources. The company executes numerous programs including data equipment shredding and recycling as well as providing mobile hard drive shredder for companies who wish to provide their company’s old computer systems.

A Brief Overview of the Company’s Previous Environmental Responsibility Report

Apple released their environmental responsibility report in the year 2014, which states that the company has a slight increase of 1 percent in the greenhouse gas emission. According to the internal reports of the company, Apple generated around 34.2 million metric tons of greenhouse gases in the year 2014, which was earlier 33.8 million in the year 2013.

Though the company is considered to be the most environment-friendly company in the world, there are still some facts that need to be considered before one can give them the crown of a biggest environmentalist.

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