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How Apple efficiently Handles e-waste

Ever thought how Apple, being an electronic giant, manages the e-waste to contribute to the environment? Well, of course not. The company has a dedicated section that emphasizes on the recycling the e-waste for better utilization of the resources.

Apple is known for their quality products that have captured a major proportion of the market. Apart from their brilliant innovations in the manufacturing the finest consumer electronics, the company leaves no stone unturned in maintaining the environment clean and green. Here we’ll discuss in detail the overall process and approach that Apple follows for recycling.

Automated Recovery through “Liam the Robot”

The company introduced a robot named “Liam,” which effortlessly disassembles the iPhone. The robot recovers the materials that can be recycled and hardly takes a couple of seconds to perform the job efficiently. Apple has been introducing certain programs from time to time for electronics recycling that can further encourage the use of recycled materials.

Apart from the automated systems, the company has a dedicated team of experts that monitors the smooth functionality of the entire recycling process. The company also revealed a video in which the robot was precisely dismantling an iPhone. The purpose is to simplify the entire process for recycling an iPhone as it is one of the highest selling products of the company.

Apple Renew Program

Apple provides the best in class recycling services that simply helps in contributing to making the efficient utilization of resources. The company runs a program named “Apple Renew Program” through which one can easily send their old devices to the company, and they will make sure each component is utilized.

Furthermore, one just needs to send their old devices to Apple, and the company will recycle the device without any charges. Detailed information is provided on the company’s official website. Apart from this, one can also contact Apple for recycling IT business equipment like computers and other electronic equipment. They offer this recycling service for free and also provide a free collection from your place.

The Recycling Process

Apple revealed in its latest report that they efficiently manage the entire process of recycling of MacBooks and other products. The devices are first sorted according to their type, and then essential electronic components are separated from the plastic ones. There are certain processes involved that ensure each task is done precisely.

Each element is then separated and then reused in manufacturing the other products. Although Apple doesn’t confirm the entire utilization of the products, some reports say that the company sells this recycled material to the third-party.

Contribution to the Society

Besides the contribution to a greener and cleaner environment, Apple also accepts third-party equipment and peripherals and ensures proper recycling. The company also focuses on the overall recycling of e-waste without emphasizing on only Apple products.

Furthermore, they provide an easy pick up of these equipments from your home so that you need not worry about the shipping and handling of heavy systems. You can get detailed information regarding the recycling services in your country by visiting the official website.

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