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We are all about iOS devices here at  We live to try new apps, Cydia tweaks, accessories, and anything iOS related.  The iOS device has changed the way the world interacts daily.  By sharing new apps and ideas about iOS devices we are helping others enjoy their devices to the fullest and that’s what we love to do.


All reviews are Free but due to the number of request we can not post every application.  In order to guarantee your app gets posted within three days we ask you to purchase out promotional package for $100.  This will include a graphic in the sidebar linked to the download in the App store for 30 days.  Please send all payments via Paypal to mitch [at]  After payment has been made please send the graphic you wish to have posted to the same address as above.  We write for several other sites and have the ability to promote your application review on them as well.

 Guarantee App Review Gets Posted Within 3 Days

The App store currently holds over one million applications total.  The greatest obstacle for developers is getting recognized in this sea of applications. This can be very hard to do without proper marketing and promotion.  We have implemented several proven ways to get recognized in the app store.  Our site is among some of the top review sites on the web.  We started iPhonecaptain in early 2011.  Since then we have grown to around 3,000 visitors daily and continue growing.

One of the best features on our site is with each written review we include a video review as well.  Many people prefer to watch a short video describing the application rather than reading a long written review.  We offer a couple different video spots which spotlight your application beautifully.  These are in the sidebar of the application.  However, we can implement the first post to be static for any preferred length of time needed.  This can be another great location which is available anytime.  We prefer to have the first post on a rotation to give each sponsor a chance to spotlight their application.  The other locations are described in the email below.  Should you have any questions or wish to inquire about something different feel free to contact me through email anytime.  I usually will answer within a couple hours.  I have an iPhone (LOL) so my email comes to me immediately.


All reviews are written by us free of charge.  We only charge a fee for advertising and promoting your applications in our featured spots on the site.  We are a member of the O.A.T.S Organization since late 2011 and take pride in the integrity of our reviews.  We don’t let money influence the outcome of our reviews at anytime in any way.

All our written articles will be shared on out LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Our social media reaches well over 5,000 people daily and growing.

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Let us increase your downloads without breaking the bank………..


We have several different options to choose from here at

  1. Youtube Video Review(only your app in video) — $50
  2. Youtube Video- Top 5 Apps of Week(includes 5 different apps)–$35 per app
  3.   Written Review Only with Two backlinks posted on or or (your choice) $75


Our Youtube Channel has over 11K subs and over 5 million video views.


All Video Reviews Will be posted on All Sites.  These Get the most coverage.


If you wish to have a written review and video review together the cost is $100 per application.  The written post will only be posted on one site due to Google Regulations but the video can be posted on all sites across the board.


We want you to succeed.  If you succeed we have done our jobs.  Feel free to pass the information on to any other developers or companies wishing to promote their application.  We also do product reviews too.


We offer ad space on and for $450/year for both sites together.  Now thats a real deal!!!!!!!  Grab one today before they are gone.  Spaces are limited.


Send payment via Paypal to along with promo code to the same email.  If you don’t have any codes please include cost of application in payment.  Thanks

This is a lot of information. If you have any questions feel free to ask.  If you would like an advertisement which I haven’t listed feel free to enquire by emailing me.

 I can assure you I will do the best I can to help promote your product in every way possible.



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