Adobe PhotoShop Touch Available On iPad 2: Review(Video Review Included)


When I first heard Adobe was bringing Photoshop to the ipad 2 I was very skeptical.  I thought of their previous Apple app, Photoshop Express, and how limited its capabilities actually were.  However, after using Photoshop Touch on the iPad 2, I am in complete awl.  I guess it doesn’t hurt to eat a little crow from time to time.  Photoshop Touch can perform 99% of the task I do daily for editing my photos.  By allowing layers and a little copy and past one can perform about all they need to do on a regular day.  I’m not saying that Photoshop Touch is an app to build the next Pepsi campaign but it could probably be done with Photo Touch. Download Photoshop Touch Here

At the price of $9.99 many users may be a bit Leary.  Let me say, “it’s the best ten bucks you’ve spent in a long while”.  I certainly have no regrets for purchasing the app.  Adobe has really set the bar high for other app developers.  So for now buy the darn app and have fun.  It’s a 10 on my scale.  I have added a brief video review if you are still a bit skeptical.  Watch and let me know what you think?  Is it worth $10?

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     I really want say thanks to Adobe as they are coming with photoshop. It is really helpful for editing photos. One best thing is that it will save time as well. I apprecite for this work.