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The 5 Apps Every Bitcoin Gambler Needs


Bitcoin gambling is the best way to gamble right now, due to its lower (or nonexistent) fees, and anonymity that allows players to play without having to put their name on anything. But, just like with anything else in life, the right tools can take this experience from a good one to a great one. With these five apps, your bitcoin gambling experience can go from good to great, as they each make your life as a gambler that much easier.


Blockchain.info Bitcoin Wallet App


You can’t store bitcoin without a bitcoin wallet, and Blockchain.info is the most popular bitcoin wallet out there for a reason. It is available on desktop, iOS, and Android devices, making it usable no matter where you are and what technology you have at your disposal. In addition, Blockchain.info isn’t subject to any KYC/AML procedures, which makes it perfect for online gambling. You don’t even need to use your personal information to create a wallet, perfect for the discrete player.


Coinbase Bitcoin Exchange App

Bitcoin exchange sites like Coinbase allow gamblers to buy bitcoin so that they can fund their accounts. Coinbase has iPhone and Android apps, and lets users link their bank accounts to buy and sell the currency instantly. While those are very convenient elements to the service, it’s important to remember that these exchange sites can shut your accounts down if you transfer bitcoin from an exchange directly to a bitcoin gambling site. That makes it crucial to transfer funds from the exchange to your wallet, and then from the wallet into your gambling site of choice.


Nitrogen Sports Bitcoin Gambling App

Nitrogen Sports is the perfect bitcoin gambling app, because it has strong offerings for sports bettors, poker players, and casino players all in one spot. It is also a bitcoin-only operation, which means that players can expect the best bitcoin gambling experience, because the platform was built for them exclusively. There is nothing to worry about in terms of deposit and withdrawal fees, something that operators of traditional currency accepting gambling sites cannot boast. Nitrogen Sports is also not subject to any of the anti-money laundering measures that more traditional outfits are subjected to, allowing for anonymous online gambling using bitcoin.


BetOnline Bitcoin Sportsbook App

While Nitrogen Sports is an excellent option for bitcoin gambling, it can sometimes fall victim to the issue that many bitcoin sportsbooks face. That issue is simply not having all of the betting markets that people may want. For that reason, it is a great idea to have another sportsbook that accepts bitcoin in your back pocket, which is where BetOnline comes in. They offer a much better selection of prop bets and live betting options, which is perfect in the event that you find some value in a line but don’t have the ability to bet on it at Nitrogen Sports. As with Nitrogen Sports, this site does not have deposit and withdrawal fees when you use bitcoin.


ShapeShift Crypto-Currency Conversion App

Thanks to the boom in the popularity of bitcoin, transactions may take longer to confirm when using bitcoin for a variety of reasons. But when the game you want to bet on starts in just a few minutes, that isn’t a good enough answer. ShapeShift can help to do away with that concern, allowing users to convert their bitcoin into other cryptocurrencies, which are gaining acceptance at online gambling sites in addition to bitcoin. At ShapeShift, you can convert bitcoin into Litecoin, Mondero, Dash and Ethereum, which gives you the ability to make transactions with them if you’re in a hurry.



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