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10 must-have iPhone accessories under $20

The world of iPhone is growing. The current technological gadgets are solely pegged to the availability of the accessories. They range from basic to extravagant ones. Why use more and yet there exist avenues when cheap accessories can be accessed. For many people, digital phones are the center of entertainment and other features that are paramount to normal lifestyle. Traditional myth of iPhone has been eroded slowly due to introduction of near the same gadgets. It was difficult to get cheap spare parts for the iPhone in the local market. With time, this has evolved and people are able to purchase products which are priced below $20. This implies affordability is made easier to the customer. Such accessories could be accessed from the websites such as http://www.hotuksavings.co.uk/stores/currys/

We therefore embark on elaborating on some of the ten accessories that can be purchased at lower price.

Phone case
One of the major reason people avoid phone cases is the added weight. Some of them come with heftier materials that discourage the user from using. However, light cases at lower prices are available. If you are looking for the component to prevent bare scratching and resistance if your phone falls, then settling on outer casing would greatly assist. The cost is friendly and not comparable to the particular components within the phone.

Portable Battery
Reliability of the phone is dependent on its ability to store the charge. You should agree with me that iPhone, just like any other smartphone cannot store charge for long. This inconveniences most of the people. Investing in an external battery would save the problems of staying off. This is a good adoption especially for the people who conduct their businesses via the phone. For example, a power bank is less than $1 hence easily affordable. They can easily fit in pockets or purse therefore more reliable.

Bluetooth Earbuds
Those who love entertainment understand the importance of headphones. However, earbuds are more convenient compared to a pair of headphones. They are suitable for people commuting from destination to the other. One thing to note is that these ear buds have a battery life of five hours. The option seems to satisfy the needs of people due to their portability nature. They are not conspicuous when one is using them as opposed to headphones.

Heavy duty Case
If you have ever gone through the struggle of replacing your iPhone then you understand the importance of casing. This type of hard protection prevents the back of your phone from the impacts of falls. The heavy duty case is able to resist the forces from the ground hence mitigating breakage. An example is spigen’s case which has both soft and hard parts. The fortification of the corners is the eminent design that is observable from its look. One thing to understand from this case is bulkiness. The materials used to make it are resistive and heavy in nature.

Screen Protector
Nothing is worse than scratching your screen from the keys or any other objects. Glass protectors are normally used to facilitate this role. They are three times harder than the normal plastic. They will do more to shield your phone screen from the power of gravity. Cracked screen renders the gadget inefficient.

Lighting cable
Chances are you will be charging you phone more than one time in a day. This means you should have couple of lighting cables in spare. Anything can go wrong while using the charging cables. Having MFI-certified cables prevents regular breakdowns. This is more efficient than the one that come with your phone.

Multi-port Wall charger
This is in the list to assist settle disputes in a family with more one person charging the phone. The Anker wall charger would help in charging more than one gadget simultaneously. Although it does not charge the iPhone at a faster rate, it is able to reduce some inconveniences. You wouldn’t be missing out on anything even if the phone charges slowly. Of importance is that family members would enjoy charging their phones as well.

A Dock
An iPhone dock is something you cannot understand its implication until you acquire one. It is normally sticked on the working desk to support your phone. It is nice to have your Smartphone upright so that you are alert in case of any notification where you can quickly decide to answer or ignore.

Exercising is hard. If you fail to entertain yourself while on the race, it can be very discouraging. Using an armband to develop playlist evokes intrinsic motivation. It gives a sense of how encouragement. Using this accessory is by far recommended for those who love exercises.

A car mount
If you drive, keeping your eyes on the road is core. Instead of keeping the phone in a cup holder, investing on a car mount which help to support the phone in an upright position. It becomes easy to see any incoming call or message without disruption.

The ten accessories are cheaper to buy. Any person with an iPhone can decide to choose what best befits his or her situation. Remember that this phone is expensive and care should be taken to safeguard your gadgets from externalizes.

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