Best iOS Tips

Two Ways To Remove iCloud Calendar Spam on iPhone or Using

  iCloud Calendar spam invites are causing frustration to many iPad, iPhone, and Mac users around the world. You probably have gotten Calendar invites labeled ‘Louis Vuitton,’ ‘ray-ban,’ ‘Oakley,’ ‘handbags,’ or even some garbage like a mix of Chinese characters and other garbage. What is shocking is that with Calendar and iCloud, there is no […]

How to make blocked outgoing calls on iPhone

How to Make Anonymous calls on your iPhone all the time. If you an iPhone user who wishes to have all their outgoing calls received as “blocked calls” its a simple thing to do. Your call will appear as a blocked caller overtime you use your iOS device.

iOS 10 Jailbreak Updates and iOS 10 Jailbreak Demo

One of the many es we receive here day is when the latest iOS will be jailbren.  There has been plenty of buzz in the media concerning this very issue.  So to find out if iOS 10 can be jailbren yet read on below. iOS 10 has gone through several beta versions as we have […]

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